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single sessions         $35.00

10 sessions                $200.00

Sessions last approx. 1 hour
Schedule a time to come meet with one of our trainers. We will accommodate any fitness levels and get you to achieve your fitness goals.

testimony from a client

It was mid January 2017 when I decided that it was time to take care of me! I walked into Littlefield’s Gym feeling scared, ashamed, embarrassed and about as uncomfortable as one person could feel at a whopping 254 lbs. I had given up on myself after years of up and down diets and “all in” exercise programs to which nothing ever lasted or stuck as I watched the scale go down and right back up again....I was at the end...defeated. As my children got older I knew if I didn’t give it one last try to live a life of activity and health I would not be around for all of their future milestones. Littlefields Gym and my trainer Wes helped save my life! I learned that consistency is key, weight lifting combined with cardiovascular exercise was a must in order to meet my goals. I received constant encouragement, understanding and guidance with every step. My hand was guided with ease when needed along with some tough love when I needed a swift kick. I have since lost over 100 lbs, feel amazing and have set an example that my children are proud of. Forever grateful to everyone at Littlefield’s Gym!

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